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CAMotics Changelog


  • Improved Buildbotics CNC controller connectivity.
  • Revamped donation dialog.
  • Show donation dialog once at start with each upgrade.
  • S-Curve path planner.
  • Ignore Program Number O-Codes used by some post processors.
  • Added intensity view for LASER cuts.
  • Added seek and homing G-Codes.
  • Tabbing fixes. (hpmachining)
  • Toggle console. (hpmachining)
  • New tool menu option. (hpmachining)
  • Zoom menu option. (hpmachining)
  • Keyboard shortcuts. (hpmachining)
  • More logical view button order. (hpmachining)
  • Show feed in project units. (hpmachining)
  • Handle long or even infinite GCode programs better.
  • Implemented M70-M73
  • More direct prespective view.


  • Fixed Could not save project: Invalid file tab index 0. #225
  • Fixed tool dialog editing problems. #79
  • Moved Length after Diameter in tool dialog.
  • Fix bounding box calculation for spheroid tools.
  • Stop simulation if file save is canceled.
  • Added more examples
  • Fixed error in calculating cuts with bottom of cylinder / snub.
  • Added support for tabs in 2D profile cuts in dfx TPL lib.
  • Added Buildbotics controller connectivity.
  • Fixed modal dialogs.
  • Fixed Windows OpenGL problems.
  • Dropped support for Qt4.
  • Change from XML to JSON project file format and .camotics extension.
  • Show 3D view of machine.


  • Fixed bug preventing camsim from writing STL data.


  • Ask about units and tool table when creating new projects.
  • Real-time simulation. #2
  • Handle UTF8 file names correctly. #190
  • Handle file names with spaces correctly. #167
  • Support .tap file extension. #189
  • Generate M6 when tool 1 is first used. #188
  • Fixed jagged arcs caused by foreign locale setting. #180
  • Fixed simulation playback speed. #179
  • Fixed conical tool (v-bit) simulation. #173
  • Allow entering conical tool in degrees + length. #65
  • Return all tool details in with TPL tool() function. #127
  • Surface is made translucent when moving position slider.
  • Disabled signal handler on command line tools for better CTRL-C handling.


  • 4.5x simulation speed up.
  • Fix for missing tool paths in Windows 8.1 with Intel HD4000.


  • Add option to disable VBOs to help with faulty graphics drivers.


  • Clear surface on reload.
  • Cutting move with zero feed is now an error.
  • No error on rapid move with zero feed.
  • Allow tool zero.
  • Import/export tool table.
  • Improved tool table editing.
  • Attempt to fix missing tool paths in Windows 8.1 with Intel HD4000.
  • Default tool table.
  • Simplified user interface.
  • Moved project units and resolution to settings dialog.
  • Default units, metric or imperial.
  • Output line numbers and files in GCode.
  • Fixed tool path play back problems.


  • Handle non-latin characters in filenames.
  • Fixed stretching cat example.
  • Fixed G90.1 mode in Windows.


  • Implemented absolute arc mode
  • Implemented incremental distance mode
  • Fix predefined position moves (G28 & G30)
  • Handle UTF-8 Byte Order Marker
  • Allow exporting GCode without simulated surface
  • Don't warn about zero feed on rapid moves


  • Find & replace in editor
  • Find in console
  • Export correct GCode from GUI
  • Fixed TPL module.exports handling


  • Added GCode/TPL editor/viewer #89
  • Added console in GUI
  • Warn and popup console on errors
  • Double click on error in console jumps to line in code
  • Fixed problems with editing workpiece values
  • All jobs now run in the background
  • Provide progress feedback when large GCode files are being loaded
  • Auto load a demo project #104
  • Output 'M2' instead of '%' at end of GCode
  • Ability to reduce the number of triangles in the simulated workpiece
  • Allow exporting GCode from GUI
  • Ability to run simulations from the command line
  • Fixed STL export in Windows #81
  • Fixed problems runing with different locale settings #100
  • Fixed v8 linking problems
  • Fixed problems with automatic workpiece z-axis #105
  • Fixed filename problems when opening and saving files #87
  • Fixed Ubuntu 12.04 crashes #86
  • Preliminary support for TPL and TPL libraries


  • Fixed arcs. #78, #85


  • Removed dependency on libbfd. #84


  • Fixed valgrind uninitialized var warning.
  • Added missing DLLs to Windows installer.


  • Remove old cut surface after project change.
  • Ask user to open .xml project file if it exists.
  • Added link to online help.



  • Generate tool paths in background.
  • Added icon to indicate run status.
  • Moved simulation control buttons to bottom of sim view.



  • Support for OSX.
  • New Qt GUI, with configurable layout.
  • Single combined GUI window.
  • Auto update resolution and automatic workpiece.
  • Project wide units (mm/in) setting.
  • Improved workpiece view and editing.
  • Improved tool editing.
  • Easy access to examples in File menu.
  • Added workpiece and tool path bounds display.
  • Added Revert option to File menu.
  • Fixed program line display.
  • Reduced dependencies for easier builds from source.
  • Don't show partial simulations.
  • Clear surface when loading new project.
  • Added many new examples.
  • Added in app donation info.
  • Handle missing tools more gracefully.
  • Fixed ballnose cutter. #70



  • Show correct feed mode constants in feed() error message.



  • Changed 'spin()' -> 'speed()' in docs.
  • Return current spindle configuration if no args are given to 'speed()'.
  • Return current feed configuration if no args are given to 'feed()'.
  • Return current tool if no args are given to 'tool()'.
  • Fixed relative TPL matrix operations.
  • Added snapshot feature to CAMotics GUI.
  • Added icut() and irapid().
  • Fixed play/pause button update.
  • Added loop check box, off by default.
  • Display "inf" when time is infinate due to zero feed.



  • Initial alpha release of Tool Path Language.



  • Don't try to lookup references when evaluating assignments.
  • Look up functions in script path. #57, #44
  • Fixed named subroutine call. #58
  • Lowercase all o-code names, according to LinuxCNC spec.



  • Changed to GPU v2+ for LinuxCNC compatibility.
  • Build mostly static binaries.



  • Don't look for local named refs not starting with '_' in global scope.
  • Specify tool diameter rather than radius in GUI.
  • Added tools shapes ballnose, spheroid & snubnose. #2
  • Implemented ballnose, snubnose and other tool shapes. #4
  • Allow tools to be specified in mm or inch. Part of #43.
  • Display diagram of tool in tool editing dialog.



  • Automatically calculate render resolution based on workpiece. #3
  • Don't allow unquoted expressions in assignment, not allowed by LinuxCNC.
  • Don't execute an implict motion if a non-modal group 0 code is issued.
  • Fixed global offsets. G92, G92.1, G92.2, G92.3
  • Added stretching cat array example.
  • Correctly implement named local/global variables in sub routines.
  • Added some tests.



  • Fixed 3D screen lockup on failed parse of file autoreload.
  • Correct handle local assignment in subroutine.
  • Set tool path position by percent rather than time. #34
  • Open file dialog in current directory for new projects. #38, #37
  • Initialize tool front angle, back angle and orientation to zero.
  • Don't set current name in file dialog when loading, Gtk does not like it.
  • Allow opening G-code as new project from GUI.



  • Case insenstive G-Code.
  • Detect G-Code vs. project files on command line. #36
  • Compute angle functions in degrees not radians.
  • Fixed operator associativity.
  • Implemented LinuxCNC O-Codes. #14



  • Fixed relative NC file path bug when saving new project.



  • Fixed file dialog modality problem. #27
  • Display ETA during rendering. #25
  • Fixed: Adding an NC file to a new project causes crash. #26
  • Allow gcode program delimter '%'.
  • Default tool length to 1.
  • Fix: Adding an NC file to a new project gives it an absolute path. #30
  • Fix: Saving project causes duplicate nc file entries in .xml. #29
  • Fixed unary gcode expression parsing.
  • Correctly translate/scale G2/G3 moves with camotran.
  • Simplify constant g-code expressions in camotran.
  • Move render resolution to project and save with project.



  • Hide as of yet unsupported tool types.
  • Fixed NC file loading. #26
  • Implemented conical tool. #5
  • Test if points are inside the cut surface rather than compute distances.
  • Added smoothing which computes normals from adjacent vertices.
  • Fixed slanted conical moves.
  • Improved performance.
  • Added Glut based geometry testbench.



  • Fixed tool bar icons in Windows.
  • Included correct Gtk .dlls with Windows installer.
  • Added documents to Windows installer.
  • Added disclaimer.



  • Initial alpha release