The Wandering Photographers is a photo blog started by myself, Emily Shearing, and Ted Rysz. It is now open source, and anyone can fork, add images, and submit a pull request.
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The Wandering Photographers

The Wandering Photographers is a photo blog started by myself, Emily Shearing, and Ted Rysz. As we found ourselves on different coasts after college, we decided to document our our wanderings.

Adventurers. Explorers. Travelers. Wanderers. With every adventure we take, our cameras are there to document it.

The Wandering Photographers is a collaborative photography project. The code is open source, meaning anyone can fork, add their own images, and merge them back in.

All photos on this site are royalty free, and under the MIT License

Building your own copy

It's pretty easy to build a copy of my site. I used jekyll which is a ruby program that compiles markdown files into static HTML documents which makes it super easy to put on the web.

Clone this repo, cd into the folder, bundle install the ruby requirements, and build away!

$ git clone
$ cd the-wandering-photographers
$ bundle install
$ jekyll build

You'll have a new folder in the directory called _site that has all of the compiled HTML files ready to be thrown at a web server. Pretty nifty!

Adding your image

Once you have downloaded and installed all the requirements for this repo, you can now add your own photo!

  1. Copy the file from _drafts to the _post directory
  2. Rename to the date that you are adding the post, with the format YYYY-MM-DD-## where ## is the post number incremented by 1.
  3. Open the post file in your favorite text editor
  4. Replace the template information with the information about your image
  5. Drop your image into src/images
  6. Run jekyll serve --watch to preview your changes
  7. Commit, and submit a pull request!