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  1. CERMINE Public

    Content ExtRactor and MINEr

    Java 376 89

  2. CoAnSys Public

    Content Analysis System is a framework for mining scientific publications using Apache Hadoop.

    Java 27 22

  3. saos Public

    System Analizy Orzeczeń Sądowych /Court Judgement Analysis System/

    Java 13 5

  4. Practical utilities for spark applications

    Java 10 1

  5. SegmEdit Public

    Editor of training sets for page segmentation and zone classification of scholarly PDFs

    Python 9 4

  6. Tool created to simplify the creation of packages (tar.gz files) containing workflow definition of Apache Oozie as well as all other files needed to run a workflow (configuration files, libraries, …

    Java 8 5


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