An engine in Scala for playing mancala
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An engine in Scala for playing mancala

I was asked to write a mancala engine. Because it was some time ago that I worked with Scala I decide to implement it in Scala. This repository is the result from this assignment.

It is just a proof of concept. There are a lot of things to be improved. For example:

  • Use an user defined exception
  • The layout of the code
  • More and better tests
  • Splitting the code in logical elements

You can play mancala on the command-line with: scala Mancala.scala --play

Tests can be done with: scala Mancala.scala --test FILENAME

Test files contain exactly four lines:

  • First line: description. (Not used, is for the user.)
  • Second line: nr of stones for all boardStores and the currentPlayer.
  • Third line: move (player and pit)
  • Fourth line: as second line, but after the move or the exception string.

In the directory Test I have put some test files and two Bash scripts to test the application.

With the functionality is tested. With I test if errors in the test files are correctly determined.

The script is terminated when there is a test file that is not correctly constructed. In my opinion you should first make sure that your tests are correct, before running them.

It was fun to do and I think that I will make a full blown (GUI) application. Do not hesitate to contact me about this application with questions, tips for improvements or requests.