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The Butler

The Butler is a ready to use static blog, powered by Cecil.

Cecil preview

There is a demo?

▶️ (theme: Hyde, host: Netlify)
▶️ (theme: Garth, host: Vercel)

How to use?

Managing content


Create your own repository from the GitHub template, then just edit Markdown files in pages/blog/.

Netlify CMS

The easiest way to deploy and manage your blog is certainly with Netlify + Netlify CMS.

Deploy to Netlify

Customize your blog

  1. Change configuration by editing config.yml file
  2. Change templates by copying files from themes/<theme>/layouts/ to your own layouts/ directory to override them

Build & deploy


Run the following command in a terminal:

bash ./scripts/


Provider Demo Deploy
Netlify Deploy to Netlify
Vercel Deploy to Vercel
Cloudflare Pages - Framework preset: None
- Build command: curl -sSOL && bash ./
- Build output directory: _site
GitHub See GitHub Actions workflow file.
GitLab See GitLab config file.
Render Deploy to Render
Travis CI N/A See Travis config file.

To use Netlify CMS (demo) you must:

  1. enable Netlify Identity and Git Gateway
  2. invite a user
  3. connect to https://<your-blog> with the user credentials

Need Help?

Read the Cecil's documentation and/or ask help in Cecil's Discussions.


The Butler is a free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license.

© Arnaud Ligny