USB Rubber Ducky type scripts written for the DigiSpark.
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This is a set of hand-written DigiSpark sketches for the Arduino IDE that utilize the DigiKeyboard.h library making the DigiSpark to act as a keyboard and execute a variety of actions. If you have found a USB Rubber Ducky scipt that you want to convert to a DigiSpark sketch, you can always use digiQuack, a tool which can be found in my repositories.


Configure the Arduino IDE for the DigiSpark using: or Seytonic's tutorial: Then download one of scripts (sketches), open them with Arduino IDE, modify them if needed and upload them to the DigiSpark.

Script Descriptions

RickRoll_Update : Plays Never Gonna Give you up while performing a fake windows update.

WallpaperChanger : Downloads and applies a wallpaper via powershell.

Wallpaper_Prank : Takes a screenshot of the desktop, sets it as the wallpaper, hides desktop icons.

Talker : Opens up powershell and speaks out a message.

PowerShell Script Executer : Downloads and runs a powershell script.

WiFi_Profile_Grabber: Using cmd, extracts wifi profiles and saves the csv to the usb mounted on d:\

WiFi_Profile_Mailer : Writes the wireless network credentials to a csv file and emails it.

Fork_Bomb : Opens up an obfuscated windows terminal and makes it multiply itself uncontrolably causing the machine to either lock or crash.

Rapid_Shell : Seamlessly executes metasploit payloads through powershell.

Reverse_Shell : Opens a reverse shell in 3 seconds.

Window_Jammer : Spams ALT + F4 and CTRL + W key combos to force close all active windows.

See the scripts in action

Click the gifs to see the full video

Wifi Stealer

Wallpaper Prank

Credits, contributors and resources:

-samratashok for the Nishang reverse shell used in Reverse_Shell.

-nassimosaz for the Rapid_Shell script.

-p0wc0w for the original WiFi Grabber and Mailer Scripts.

-BlackBoot for the original fork bomb.

-hak5darren for the USB Rubber Ducky Documentation:

-Digistump for the DigiSpark and their documentation: for the USB Usage IDs on page 53: