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My Dot Files

Forked from tomsquest's dotfiles, thanks a lot for the working base.

My config files, heavily commented for the most part (Zsh).


git clone ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles
rake install



Heavily commented ZSH configuration : config, completion, prompt, key bindings…


Old and not so portable bashrc file, a lot of proprietary path and aliases. I have to work on it to make it versatile.


The prompt is simple and effective. There is:

  • A separator line between each command

  • The path is truncated if too long for the terminal width

  • The return code of the last executed command is displayed

  • The Git status is displayed at the right of the screen (thanks to

  • Prompt color turns red when root, green otherwise. Host color turns cyan when remoting, green otherwise.


tom@tom 06:42:21 ~/.dotfiles/zsh --------
$                               (master…)


  • Bundler

  • Capistrano

  • Gem

  • Rake

  • Rvm

  • Maven


  • o : use xdg-open to open the file with the appropriate program and ask for sudo if root privileges needed

  • mcd : mkdir + cd to it

  • last_modified : used in Rake and Capistrano completion to update the task caches


Ruby/Haml/Sass configuration for Ack-grep (aliased 'ack'). ACK is a powerfull replacement for grep, written for developpers (


A mostly-complete gitignore.


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