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The History/Reasons of the project

This is a small project over 2 weeks created for 2 modules for my school:

  • PRW3 (The API parts of the project)
  • AWA1 (The animation and design of the project)

I had another startpage previously, downloaded from /wg/ and slightly modified but it had some bugs. So one year after I had the idea to create a new one that fits me.

My Old Homepage Old Homepage

My New Homepage New Homepage

You can see the difference there, I think.

The features in the new Homepage

Left pannel

Left Pannel

The left pannel show greetings and your current time and weather (editable)

Mid pannel

Mid Pannel

The middle pannel show the search bar (customizable) and your favorites and also the CFF schedule called with the terminal

Right pannel

Right Pannel

The right pannel is where the terminal is and also the RSS flux pannel


You can simply edit the parameters of the app inside the var.js file

Edit parameters


It's really simple to use it. There's a help inside the terminal.

Get your custom app identification

This version requires you to login each time you want to use Soundcloud, it's because there's no need of a PHP server.

How to use it ?

The left pannel

The left pannel is pretty much self explained, there's no ambiguous way to use it because there's no way to actually use it.

The mid pannel

The search bar

Simply add "!" to search something, if you don't put "!" you will search on the first searchengine.

The bookmarks

Just click on the link or the shortcut

The right pannel


There's many command on the terminal, but you will use the "f " to open the bookmark wanted. Everything else is in the help of each fonction.

RSS board

Simply click on the link to open the article

Next version

I don't have any more ideas or maybe 1 or 2 like Riot Games api for games but I will see if I have the time to do it. So you can send me your recommendations inside the issues part of the project.