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Skeleton based Vertex Connection Resampling for Bidirectional Path Tracing - Code

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This repository contains the source code for our method proposed at the conference Pacific Graphics 2015.

The purpose of this method is to improve the Bidirectional Path Tracing (BPT) algorithm by resampling connections between path vertices, taking advantage of the information offered by a skeleton of the empty space of the scene. For more information, you can refer to our paper. The paper is also provided in the repository.


The project compilation is managed with CMake. All dependencies are normaly included in the "third-party" folder (headers and 64 bit binaries). The project has been tested with the following configurations:

  • Linux 64 bit with GCC 5.2
  • Windows 10 64 bit with Visual C++ 2015 Community Edition

Generate one of the two above CMake solution depending on your system and compile the project either with make or with Visual C++ IDE.

Note that the library "bonez" in the repository depends on recent OpenGL 4.1+ features, thus we cannot guarentee that the code will work with older versions of OpenGL (even if the application "pg2015" does not use such features).


The project generates two executables: pg2015 and results_viewer.

The application pg2015 launches the rendering and comparison of the three methods mentionned in the paper: BPT, ICBPT and SkelBPT. The scenes presented in the article have been put in the repository pg2015-scenes, so clone this repository and launch "pg2015" from it. Note that file paths are hard-coded in the main.cpp file, so the working directory of the application should be the directory "pg2015-scenes" (or the file paths should be changed in the source code).

The application results_viewer is just a viewer for the rendered images in EXR format (the application also output PNG files so result_viewer is not strictly required).


If you face any troubles during the compilation or the execution, please leave an issue on the Github repository.