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company backend for command line arguments
Emacs Lisp
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company arguments

This package is in the early stages of development, and there are surely edge cases that are not handled correctly. The current implementation is using --help and parsing the output. Here are some of limitation that are immediately apparent.

  • doesn’t handle “old style” arguments (e.g. -name, -dir, -depth, etc)
  • doesn’t support arguments bundling (i.e. transforming -A, -B, -C, into -ABC)
  • stuggles with case insensitive matching

improvement areas

  • handle argument bundling
  • provide default values for arguments that accept them (e.g. --color=auto --color=never)
  • using caching to improve performace (the backend is asynchronous, so it will never block, but some commands can still take a while to respond)
  • create a blacklist of commands that this backend can’t handle (e.g. git, find, etc)
  • handle command aliases
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