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company backend for plsense
Emacs Lisp
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company-mode completion back-end for Perl using PlSense.


You can install this package from Melpa

M-x package-install RET company-plsense RET


once installed add the following to your .emacs

(add-to-list 'company-backends 'company-plsense)
(add-hook 'perl-mode-hook 'company-mode)
(add-hook 'cperl-mode-hook 'company-mode)


provides completions for

  • variables
  • Methods
  • Modules
  • Class Initializers
  • LIST of Use/Require statements
  • Key of Hashes

use company-doc-buffer to view perldoc and other information


company-plsense-executable: location of PlSense executable

company-plsense-config-path: location of .plsense config file

company-plsense-ignore-compile-errors: ignore PlSense errors related to compiling an imported module.

How do I include external Perl libraries?

PlSense does not currently analyze use lib statements so all libraries must be locatable in either @INC or $PERL5LIB. If you have a project specific library use PlSense's ProjectInfoFile.

How do I resolve server problems?

  1. Run company-plsense-executable-version to verify Emacs can find the executable.
  2. The command company-plsense-server-status will show the current status of the servers. In order to work, all three servers (Main, Work, and Resolve) need to be running. If not, start the server with company-plsense-start-server.
  3. If all the servers are running but completion candidates are still not being generated, use the command company-plsense-buffer-ready. If the buffer failed to compile cleanly it will return "Not Found", in which case you will need to run perl -c on the file to see what the problem is. If the reply is "Yes" that means the file loaded properly.
  4. If company-plsense is still not working, open an issue in the issue tracker.


No Perl6 support

PlSense only supports Perl5.

Tied to a file

company-plsense can only provide completion candidates for buffers tied to files.

Clean compile

PlSense cannot analyze files that do not compile cleanly. To verify if a file is free of errors, run perl -c /path/to/file or use a linter such as flycheck.

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