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mkdir CP-from-git
cd CP-from-git
git svn init --ignore-paths="(^|.*/)(.*\.jar|.*\.fig|2005_01_12_test3OUT.mat|CPAnalayst/src/build/.*|DeveloperDrop[Bb]ox.*|Outdated/.*|Promotional/.*|packages/.*|ffmpeg/.*|CellProfiler_?Manual.p.*|ExampleImages/.*|ImagesForManual/.*|Promotional/.*|Website_CellProfiler/.*|graphAnalysisToolbox-1.0/.*|windows/vcredist_....exe|ForMikeToCompile/.*|.*.mexmac|CellProfilerManual.tex.*)"
(while ! git svn fetch ; do echo RETRY; done ) > ../gitlog.txt # SSL can fail fetching large commits.
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