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CellProfiler is refactored into a standalone Python package. A multi-platform command-line interface wraps the Python package. A graphical interface wraps the Python package or command-line interface.

Graphical Interface

Option 1.

We have three applications:

  • Qt (or similar) is used for the Linux (and other POSIX platforms) application
  • Cocoa is used for the macOS application
  • .NET and Windows Forms is used for Windows application

Option 2.

We have one application. It uses a cross-platform (macOS, POSIX, and Windows) widget toolkit.

Option 2a.

An Electron (or similar) application that wraps the command-line interface. It’s written in JavaScript.

Option 2b.

We continue using wxWidgets but upgrade from wxPython 2 to wxPython 3.

Option 2c.

We use Qt and the official Qt Python package.

Option 2d.

We use GTK+ and Python GTK+ 3.

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