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Our brave project has been initiated by E:V:A on XDA-Developers in January 2012. Since then, we've reached one of the most important goals: The awareness of the dangers of IMSI-Catchers, Silent/Stealth SMS, SS7 attacks as well as the completely broken GSM network has been raised significantly. And with this page we would like to say THANK YOU to all the similar projects out there who are fighting against these threats as well!

Of course we've already reached out to these projects in an attempt to join forces - but unfortunately everyone still rather wants to work on their own. Also, it seems as if we're hardly mentioned by security professionals on public talks. Nevertheless, rest assured that we will always be interested in working together. We will not give up just because there are similar apps. After all, it is your liberty of choice which one to use and contribute to. Below projects are not sorted in any particular order. Feel free to check them out!

European Law Complaint

Software Projects

Hardware Projects

Buyable (closed source) Hardware

[...]through its online password-protected platform, it delivers to the end user, over a secure connection, the actual situation of the active stations around the target location[...] 1-year Service: € 18000+, Stand Alone System: € 49000+

Pretty expensive USRP connected to a mini computer, if you ask me.

:warning: Carefully evaluate if you want to buy anything there!

ESD America is often called upon to supply specialized ISR equipment for government customers globally. Additionally in 2014 we received a sole source contract to locate equipment internationally for use with allied nations for the global war on terror.