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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

[0.10.15] - 2020-12-23

  • Adding a new property amount_precise to the CelsiusTransactionRecord type. It provides the exact transaction amount, without any rounding applied.
  • Fixing typos in jsdoc. Kudos to @saginadir who noticed the typo and contributed code that fixes it!

[0.10.14] - 2020-11-25

  • Fixing error handling to cover unhandled cases such as Wallet API being offline and signature verification failing.
  • Adding a new class CelsiusSDKError that encapsulates errors raised within the Celsius SDK. This class extends the Error class and contains the following additional attributes:
    • slug - Unique identifier tied to the error, returned by the API;
    • status - Status code returned by the API;
    • originalError - Original error which was used to instantiate CelsiusSDKError.
  • Exporting CelsiusSDKError and ValidationError classes used by Celsius SDK to encapsulate errors.
  • Fixing unhandled promise rejections in http-client.js::post method. Kudos to @vigan-abd who noticed the issue and provided the code to fix it!

[0.10.13] - 2020-07-21

  • Adding new properties to response received when using CelsiusInstance.getTransctionSummary(pagination, userSecret) and CelsiusInstance.getCoinTransactions(coin, pagination, userSecret).

    • original_interest_coin - Name of the original coin for which the interest has been accrued.
    • interest_amount_in_original_coin - Amount accrued in original_interest_coin, before conversion to another asset.

    These properties are present only for transactions where the nature property is interest.

[0.10.12] - 2020-01-24

  • Adding support for Origin address of the first deposit withdrawal scheme.
    • Whitelabel partners can now be configured in a way that allows withdrawing funds only to the origin addresses of first deposits.
    • Adding method CelsiusInstance.getWithdrawalAddresses(userSecret) which returns all withdrawal addresses for the given user.
    • Adding method CelsiusInstance.getWithdrawalAddressForCoin(coin, userSecret) which returns withdrawal address for the given user and coin.

[0.10.11] - 2019-12-18

  • Raising axios version from 0.18.0 up to 0.18.1 to address security vulnerabilities.

[0.10.9] - 2019-03-12


  • Added method CelsiusInstance.getStatistics(userSecret, timestamp) that returns following statistics:

    • deposit_count - Number of deposits made
    • deposit_amount - Total amount deposited in usd and per coin (in that coin and usd)
    • withdrawal_count - Number of withdrawals made
    • withdrawal_amount - Total amount withdrawn in usd and per coin (in that coin and usd)
    • interest_count - Number of interests earned
    • interest_amount - Total interest earned in usd and per coin (in that coin and usd)

    Optionally, timestamp can be provided which serves as the starting point for gathering statistics. Any deposits, withdrawals and interests created before that date will be ignored.

  • Added mocha tests to sdk.

[0.10.8] - 2019-02-25


  • Added support for ISO 3166 country representation in property. Available ISO 3166 country representations are:
    • ISO 3166 Country name
    • ISO 3166 Official state name
    • ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 code
    • ISO 3166-3 Alpha-3 code

[0.10.7] - 2019-02-20


  • Added support for two letter United States state codes in CelsiusKycUserData.state property.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed typings for CelsiusKycUserData.document_type. Available document types are now:
    • passport
    • identity_card
    • driving_licence

[0.10.6] - 2019-02-19


  • Added following address properties to CelsiusKycUserData:

    • country
    • state - Required if the country is 'United States'
    • city
    • zip
    • street
    • building_number
    • flat_number
  • Added following taxpayer properties to CelsiusKycUserData:

    • itin
    • national_id
    • ssn
  • Changed maximum upload size to 25mb

[0.10.5] - 2019-02-14


  • Method CelsiusInstance.getInterestSummary(userSecret) that returns interest earned by the user.

[0.10.4] - 2019-02-13


  • ValidationError for all http-client 4xx responses.

[0.10.2] - 2019-02-08


  • Method CelsiusInstance.getInterestRates() will return interest rate for all supported coins.

[0.10.1] - 2019-02-06


  • Method CelsiusInstance.createUser() will create new user for whitelabel partner.

[0.10.0] - 2019-02-05


  • Method CelsiusInstance.getUsers() will return all users for whitelabel partner.
  • Method CelsiusInstance.changeMetadata() will change metadata of the user.
  • Method CelsiusInstance.changeWithdrawalAddress() will change withdrawal address of the user.

[0.9.5] - 2019-01-03


  • Typescript type definitions! Kudos to @jmbrito01 who typed out most of the definitions, and helped us greatly!
  • Supported currencies are now retrieved upon instantiation of the SDK and can be accessed via CelsiusInstance.currencies property.
  • Method CelsiusInstance.getSupportedCurrencies() refreshes CelsiusInstance.currencies property and returns currencies.

[0.9.4] - 2018-12-17


  • 🚢🍾 First open-source version of the Celsius SDK released! Kudos to @JovanovicJovan & @g4ndr4. Great job guys!