Intermediate Compute Language with OpenCL/CUDA Backends
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The Library

A "loose" Lexer/Parser can transform a shared subset of similar languages into a stream of tokens with an associated high-level Abstract Syntax Tree (AST). This can be used to rewrite source files independently for each target, allowing (in this case) a simple compute language that can rewrite to either CUDA or OpenCL.

The loose nature of the parser allows it to be simple and faster than a complete parser. It gives more control over modifications than a typical C/C++ pre-processor would, generating an AST that includes:

  • Preprocessor directives (you have the option of running a preprocessor before you feed your source file to the library).
  • Statements and statement blocks.
  • Function declarations/definitions with their bodies, parameters and any extra C++ decoration (e.g. const, throw).
  • Data structure declarations/definitions with their names and tags.
  • Type definitions/aliases.
  • C++ classes with their associated constructors/destructors.
  • Templated C++ classes or functions.
  • Whitespace is preserved for accurate rewriting.

Within these AST nodes the source file is further broken into tokens that include numbers, symbols, operators and keywords.