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A small utility for typing Em and En dashes
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Em and En dash keyboard-ization –(^—^)– Windows Only

If you're a writer, then you need the Em and En dashes. This ultra-simple program makes it easy for you to just type the dash and move on. It does this in a variety of ways - you choose which one's you like.

→ Download Here ←

How to use:

  1. Download the latest release (link above)
  2. Put it in its own folder
  3. Run it (double click on it)
  4. Choose your options – there is one recommended by default
  5. Tell it to "Start on Windows Startup"
  6. Click "Ok"
  7. Profit 😄

Now, Em-n-en will live in your tray – accessible by its icon. Look forward to better writing!

If you ever want to remove Em-n-en, just run it, right-click on the tray icon, click "Reset" and then delete its folder.

List of Ways to Make Some Dashes:

Method name How to do it
Modifier keys Ctrl + Shift + - for En dash (–)
Ctrl + Shift + Alt + - for Em dash (—)
Inline Replace Type --= for En dash (–)
Type ==- for Em dash (—)
Hard Replace Replaces hyphen (-) with En dash (–) all the time (this is probably a bad idea)

That's all there is to it! If you have some other way you would like implemented, then send me a message!

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