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Firenzina 2.4.1 xTreme is a free, open-source UCI chess engine by Kranium (Norman Schmidt), Yuri Censor (Dmitri Gusev) and ZirconiumX (Matthew Brades), 
a derivative of Fire 2.2 xTreme by Kranium (Norman Schmidt),
a derivative (via Fire) of FireBird by Kranium (Norman Schmidt) and Sentinel (Milos Stanisavljevic),
based on (via Fire and FireBird) IppoLit engines
by Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, Igor Igorovich Igoronov, Roberto Pescatore,
Yusuf Ralf Weisskopf, Ivan Skavinsky Skavar and all Decembrists.

Rededication: To the memories of Giovanna Tornabuoni and Domenico Ghirlandaio. 
Acknowledgments: Yuri Censor (Dmitri Gusev) thanks Kranium (Norman Schmidt), Jose Velasco (Velmarin), Jon Dart, Jim Ablett, and Andrey Chilantiev for their support, help and advice.  

Firenzina 2.4.1 xTreme by Kranium, Yuri Censor and ZirconiumX
Minor changes and speedups by Yuri Censor.

Firenzina 2.4 xTreme by Kranium, Yuri Censor and ZirconiumX
Multiple changes by Kranium (see 2-4_changes.txt) with minor alterations by Yuri Censor (uncommented MatFactors, kept Suppress). Reduced MaxCPUs to 16.

Firenzina 2.3.1 xTreme by Yuri Censor (Dmitri Gusev) and ZirconiumX (Matthew Brades)
Redundant checks eliminated in eval.c and material_value.c. Prefetch code by Quoc Vuong added to fire.h and make_move.c.

Firenzina 2.3 xTreme by Yuri Censor (Dmitri Gusev) and ZirconiumX (Matthew Brades)
Linux portability added by ZirconiumX: Thanks to Jim Ablett for his contribution! Housekeeping by Yuri Censor made default parameter changes easier. Fixes of minor bugs and inconsistencies found during housekeeping. Default parameter tuning.

Firenzina 2.2.2 xTreme by Yuri Censor (Dmitri Gusev)
Following the advice of Jose Velasco (Velmarin), switched to _mm_popcnt_u64() from <nmmintrin.h>.
In order to improve xTreme configurability, allowed up to twice as many threads as there are 
processors (CPUs) reported. (Hyperthreaded designs report twice as many CPUs as cores. 
For example, my Core i7 quad reports having 8 processors. Then the default NumThreads is now set to 
8<<1 = 16. Limit by setting Max_Threads to a lower value than the default 64. In the past, 
there was no way to have more threads than CPUs.)
Compiled using Intel C++ 13.0 Update 3 (Feb. 6, 2013) under Microsoft Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 Update 1.
Added a new Firenzina logo based on a fragment of the classic portrait of Giovanna Tuornabuoni 
by Domenico Ghirlandaio (public domain). Released on February 25, 2013, under 
GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 29 June 2007.


Firenzina by Kranium, Yuri Censor, and ZirconiumX is a free, open-source UCI chess engine, a derivative of Fire by Kranium (Norman Schmidt)



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