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Community Kickstarts

The aim for this repository is to provide functional sample kickstarts and snippets for the various types of deployments used in the community.

Feel free to contribute against CentOS 5,6 or 7 (or common ones ) for bare metal installs, Xen installs and KVM installs.

Guidelines for Kickstarts

  • Kickstarts should provide comments explaining actions in each section
  • Kickstarts should end in .cfg or .ks
  • Generally should install from unless otherwise noted
  • If a hashed password is provided, include the plaintext version in a comment. Since these kickstarts are for example purposes, please use password or centos as the passwords as needed.
  • Kickstart names should provide a version and brief description, for example centos5-raid5.cfg or centos7-workstation.ks

Guidelines for snippets

  • Snippets should provide a complete unique task such as user interaction, or registering a system with spacewalk or foreman.
  • Snippets should provide comments documenting usage within kickstart, such as where the %include should be located
  • Snippets should be named after the version, and function, and have a .snip extension. For example centos7-katello-registration.snip
  • Contributed snippets should NOT be a simple %packages list, unless for a unique or notable reason.


This repository is originally forked from the bluecain repository, which is a collection of Kickstart files that are used to test the CentOS deployment process.


Licensing for this repository is GPLv2 unless otherwise specified in individual kickstarts or snippets.