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# This is for the purpose of building containers on the CentOS Community Container
# Pipeline. The containers are built, tested and delivered to and
# lifecycled as well. A corresponding entry must exist in the container index itself,
# located at
# You can know more at the following links:
# *
# *
# *
# This will be part of the name of the container. It should match the job-id in index entry
#the following are optional, can be left blank
#defaults, where applicable are filled in
#nulecule-file : nulecule
# This flag tells the container pipeline to skip user defined tests on their container
test-skip : True
# This is path of the script that initiates the user defined tests. It must be able to
# return an exit code.
test-script : null
# This is the path of custom build script.
build-script : null
# This is the path of the custom delivery script
delivery-script : null
# This flag tells the pipeline to deliver this container to docker hub.
docker-index : True
# This flag can be used to enable or disable the custom delivery
custom-delivery : False
# This flag can be used to enable or disable delivery of container to local registry
local-delivery : True
Upstreams :
- ref :
url :