simple test suite to ensure baseline functionality of the Xen4CentOS repo on CentOS-6/x86_64 as a dom0
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Just a simple test suite to ensure we can convert a CentOS-6/x86_64 machine instance into a Xen Dom0 and instantiate CentOS-5 and CentOS-6 VM's for 32bit and 64bit x86 in paravirt and hvm modes.

The base tests only run inside a VirtualMachine at and therefore the initial focus is on the paravirt images.

How this works:
* script needs to be called as:
  ./ <ip|hostname>
  this script will login to the machine, setup a few basic things and rsync the test suite content over to the remote machine, upgrade the machine to the latest updates released on and reboot the machine into Xen4CentOS
* is considered stage-2, and is where all the sanity testing as well as running instances of the various centos vm images takes place. Its split out into its own script to make it easier to run on its own ( eg. when we dont need the environ prep done in the previous stages. ) 

The Test assertion / confidence:

The reason why we are doing this, nightly, is to build confidence around the CentOS
xen4centos repos, around the CentOS update packages and the mirror / repo sanity for
xen4centos. We are only running the stable released xen4centos code on the test suite.

Extending the tests 

The main repo used in 'production' is hosted at :!t_xen.git and a github mirror is hosted at : ; please clone and Merge Request on the interface and one of the CentOS QA folks will mirror the content over to Conversations about this tests are welcome on either the #centos-devel or the #centos-virt irc channels on alternatively the CentOS-Virt mailing list at

Running these tests offline

These tests should just-work anywhere, its a case of git clone the repo, ensure the config file has what you want, and run it with ./ <ip>; where <ip> points to the machine you want these to run on. The tests assume a CentOS-6-Minimal-x86_64 install ( which isnt currently running the Xen kernel ).

Interesting things to keep in mind

* we are only using xl ( xend is shutdown by the scripts ); lets add some xm tests as well 
* the VM images being used for the tests are -seriously- overweight, we need to trim those down massively to make this productive
* we dont sanity test the vm images that come up under xen, the only real assert here is for ssh working on the ip we think it should be running on, we should try and extend this a bit to include actual in-vm tests as well ( the lightweight branch of the t_functional suite might be a good candidate here )