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Shawarma Sidecar Injection

For larger deployments, it's preferred to inject Shawarma automatically based on annotations. This simplies deployment pipelines by providing a standarized Shawarma configuration.


  1. Generate certificates for the webhook. Example.
  2. Update k8s-sidecar-injector.yaml with the Base64 encoded certificate, key, and CA certificate in their three respective locations.
  3. kubectl apply -f .\k8s-sidecar-injector.yaml
  4. Modify rbac.yaml for each namespace which will use Shawarma (it is setup for default), and apply using kubectl apply.


To use, simply include a annotation on a pod. This annotation should reference the service which should be monitored to determine application state. See here for a full list of available annotations.

An example pod deployment can be found in (./test-pod.yaml).

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