Tiny web app with bits for connecting to RERUM
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A tiny template web application for connecting with RERUM. You will see all CRUD actions proxied through RERUM in the TinyThings back-end. Feel free to fork this as a starting point for creating your own application that uses the RERUM service.

What authenticates your fork of TinyThings with RERUM is the token information in tiny.sample.properties. You need to make you own tiny.properties with the information required in that file. The tokens will be returned to you once you register at devstore.rerum.io.

Visit rerum.io for more general information about RERUM. See a working demo of this application at tinydev.rerum.io.

Want to use the RERUM API in your web application? Learn how at the API page.

Who is to blame?

The developers at the Walter J. Ong, S.J. Center for Digital Humanities authored and maintain this template in connection with the RERUM service. Neither specific warranty or rights are associated with RERUM; registering and contributing implies only those rights each object asserts about itself. We welcome sister instances of RERUM, ports to other languages, package managers, builds, etc.