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A golang implementation of the KissMetrics API.
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Kissmetrics Go

Kissmetrics Go is a KissMetrics library written in Go to help simplify the task of sending events to Kiss from your go project.

Get Started

It's really simple to get started, first we need to make sure that we have downloaded the library:

$ go get

Now that we've got the library we can initialise the KM type and start sending events.

Note: The library exposes it's types and functions under the kmgo package.

package main

func main() {
	// Initialise the Go Library
    km := kmgo.NewKM("yourapikeyhere")

    // Create a list of properties to send to kiss (can be empty)
    properties := url.Values{}
    properties.Set("test property", "true")

    // Finally create the event and send it
    event := km.NewEvent("testing go", "", properties)

That's it, now just run the script and you'll see your event in kissmetrics live view :)

You'll find this script in example.go just in case you need it.


This library is Copyright 2015 Centric Web Estate and licenced under MIT.

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