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Monocyanide ColorScheme
for Sublime Text

Extends Monokai Extended with a darker background, and lighter but slightly more saturated colors, as well as boldness added for functions, classnames, and a differentiated style for doc-block comments (e.g: javadocs).

A companion to the Cyanide Theme.

Getting Started

1. Installation

Package Control

If you already have Package Control installed in Sublime Text:

  • Select "Install Package" from the Command Palette:
    • Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows and Linux
    • ⇧⌘P on OS X
  • Search for "Monocyanide Colorscheme" and hit ENTER.

Manual Installation

Go to Preferences -> Browse Packages, and then either download and unzip this plugin into that directory, or:

git clone "sublime-monocyanide-colorscheme"

2. Switch Themes

Then inside Sublime Text, go to:

Preferences -> Color Scheme -> Monocyanide ColorScheme

Here you can pick the variation that you like.

Monokai Extended Enhancements

Adds scopes, support and/or improves styling for:

  • JSON, syntax highlighting added.
  • Keyword control: bold
  • Primitives are differently colored.
  • Comments are entirely desaturated.
  • Documentation comments: lighter than normal comments.
  • Documentation tags (@param, ...): bold
  • {@link <ref>}, <ref> is now bold
  • Method calls, bold
  • Variations on the background

Sneak peak

screenshot: gruntfile.js

The gruntfile that builds the colorschemes.

screenshot: groovy

A groovy file.

Background variations

Monocyanide ColorScheme comes in 5 flavors where the background of each is different. The variations that are available are:

  • Default (the one with no suffix): #0a0a0a
  • Black: #000000
  • Contrasted: #121212
  • Contrasted Semi: #191919
  • Contrasted Light: #282828

When words are not enough:

screenshot: bg-variations

Monocyanide ColorScheme Builder

You must install the Monocyanide ColorScheme if you want to use the Monocyanide ColorScheme Builder.

Create your own custom Monocyanide ColorScheme with the builder. If you don't have grunt installed, do that first.

Go to your Monocyanide ColorScheme Theme folder and run:

npm install

Edit the backgrounds.json file to add your own custom backgrounds.

Save the file, and run:

grunt build

Your new colorschemes are generated. Update the Sublime Text settings to use it.

Plugins support

The following Sublime Text plugins are currently supported by Cyanide Theme:


See the messages folder.

Bugs / Issues / Feature requests / Contribution

Want to contribute? Great stuff! Please use the issue system that github provides to report bugs/issues or request an enhancement. Pull requests are also more than welcome.


Mazdak Farrokhzad / Centril <>

Copyright & License

Licensed under the MIT License. Copyright 2014 Mazdak Farrokhzad for the modified parts. Original parts: Jon Schlinkert.


This color scheme is based on Monokai Extended by Jon Schlinkert and has been modified to fit the Cyanide Theme by Lefoy and my self. The tools that have been used are [Color Scheme Editor] by [Borislav Peev], and [Scope Hunter] by [facelessuser].

[Color Scheme Editor]: [Borislav Peev]: [Scope Hunter]: [facelessuser]:


Sublime Text: Monocyanide is Cyanide-ified Monokai Extended: darker background & lighter foregrounds.




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