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{{{ "title": "Get Vertical Autoscale Policy", "date": "5-23-2015", "author": "Bryan Friedman", "attachments": [], "sticky":"true" }}}

Gets a given vertical autoscale policy by ID. Calls to this operation must include a token acquired from the authentication endpoint. See the Login API for information on acquiring this token.

When to Use It

Use this API operation when you want to get the details of a vertical autoscale policy for a given account.







URI Parameters

Name Type Description Req.
accountAlias string Short code for a particular account Yes
policyId string ID of the autoscale policy being queried Yes


Entity Definition

Name Type Description
id string ID of the vertical autoscale policy
name string Name of the vertical autoscale policy
resourceType string The resource type to autoscale; only cpu is supported at this time
thresholdPeriodMinutes integer Duration the resource must be at min/max in order to autoscale (5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes)
scaleUpIncrement integer Number of CPU to increase on a scale up event (1, 2, or 4)
range complex The range defining the minimum and maximum number of CPU to allow (between 1-16)
scaleUpThreshold integer Will scale up when resource it at this setting for at least the threshold period (between 1-100)
scaleDownThreshold integer Will scale down when resource it at this setting for at least the threshold period (between 1-100)
scaleDownWindow complex A server reboot is required for all resource scale downs. This is the scale down window during which the resource will be set to the policy's minimum value.
links array Collection of [entity links](../Getting Started/ that point to resources related to this policy

Range Definition

Name Type Description
min integer Maximum number of CPU
max integer Minimum number of CPU

ScaleDownWindow Definition

Name Type Description
start string Start time of window in UTC
end string End time of window in UTC



      "id": "9d14822c1e8541cea11703cf2b078c9d",
      "name": "Production Database Scale Policy",
      "resourceType": "cpu",
      "thresholdPeriodMinutes": 5,
      "scaleUpIncrement": 1,
      "range": {
        "max": 6,
        "min": 2
      "scaleUpThreshold": 85,
      "scaleDownThreshold": 15,
      "scaleDownWindow": {
        "start": "02:00",
        "end": "04:00"
      "links": [
          "rel": "self",
          "href": "/v2/autoscalePolicies/ALIAS/9d14822c1e8541cea11703cf2b078c9d"