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{{{ "title": "Get Data Center", "date": "5-16-2014", "author": "Richard Seroter", "attachments": [] }}}

Gets the details of a specific data center the account has access to. Calls to this operation must include a token acquired from the authentication endpoint. See the Login API for information on acquiring this token.

When to Use It

Use this API operation when you want to discover the name of the root hardware group for a data center. Once you have that group alias, you can issue a secondary query to retrieve the entire group hierarchy for a given data center.







URI and Querystring Parameters

Name Type Description Req.
AccountAlias string Short code for a particular account Yes
DataCenter string Short string representing the data center you are querying. Valid codes can be retrieved from the Get Data Center List API operation. Yes
GroupLinks boolean Determine whether link collections are returned for each group No


Entity Definition

Name Type Description
id string Short value representing the data center code
name string Full, friendly name of the data center
links array Collection of [entity links](../Getting Started/ that point to resources related to this data center



  "id": "DC1",
  "name": "DC FRIENDLY NAME",
  "links": [
      "rel": "self",
      "href": "/v2/datacenters/ALIAS/DC1"
      "name":"DC1 Hardware"