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{{{ "title": "Remove Public IP Address", "date": "11-23-2014", "author": "Bryan Friedman", "attachments": [] }}}

Releases the given public IP address of a server so that it is no longer associated with the server and available to be claimed again by another server. Calls to this operation must include a token acquired from the authentication endpoint. See the Login API for information on acquiring this token.

When to Use It

Use this API operation when you want to stop using a specific public IP address on an existing server.







URI Parameters

Name Type Description Req.
AccountAlias string Short code for a particular account Yes
ServerId string ID of the server being queried. Retrieved from query to containing group, or by looking at the URL when viewing a server in the Control Portal. Yes
PublicIP string The specific public IP to return details about. A server may have more than one public IP, and the list of available ones can be retrieved from the call to Get Server. Yes


The response is a link to the Get Status operation so the asynchronous job can be tracked. Once successfully completed, the public IP address will no longer be associated with the server.

Entity Definition

Name Type Value Description
rel string status The link type
href string /v2/operations/[ALIAS]/status/[ID] Address of the job in the queue
id string [ID] The identifier of the job in queue. Can be passed to Get Status call to retrieve status of job.