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{{{ "title": "Update Pool", "date": "9-13-2018", "author": "Matt Peterson", "attachments": [] }}}

Updates an existing pool on an LBaaS instance for a given account in a given data center. Calls to this operation must include a token acquired from the authentication endpoint. See the Login API for information on acquiring this token.

When to Use It

Use this API operation when you need to modify the configuration of an existing pool on a load balancer.







URI Parameters

Name Type Description Req.
accountAlias string Short code for the particular account which owns the load balancer Yes
dataCenter string Short string representing the data center in which the load balancer resides Yes
loadBalancerId string Id of the load balancer Yes
poolId string Id of the pool you want to update Yes

Content Properties

Name Type Description Req.
id string The id of the pool Yes
port integer The port on which incoming traffic will send requests. Valid port ranges are between 23 and 65534 Yes
loadBalancingMethod string Method for load balancing - valid values are leastconn, roundrobin, source, or uri. If null will default to roundrobin No
persistence string Persistence method for client connections to backend nodes - none or source_ip. If null will default to none No
idleTimeout integer Timeout value for idle client connections to backend nodes in milliseconds - defaults to 180000 No
loadBalancingMode string Indicates the type of load balancing – tcp or http (layer4-TCP or layer7-HTTP(s)) Yes
nodes array Collection of entity values that describe the customer backend nodes being load balanced No
forceHttps boolean Will redirect incoming traffic on port 80 to port 443. loadBalancingMode must be set to tcp and port must be set to 443 No
healthCheck object Configures a health check that is applied to all nodes in the pool, provided they do not already have a healthCheck configured No

Node Properties

Name Type Description Req.
ipAddress string IP of the server that will be load balanced Yes
privatePort integer Port on which the server that will be load balanced is listening Yes
status string enabled or disabled. Nodes set to disabled will not have any traffic directed to them. Defaults to enabled No
healthCheck object Configures a health check on this specific node. Will override any healthCheck configured on the pool No
serverWeight integer Adjust the server's weight relative to other servers. All servers will receive a load proportional to their weight relative to the sum of all weights. Range is 1 to 256. Default is 1 No

HealthCheck Properties

Name Type Description Req.
unhealthyThreshold integer Number of times server healthcheck can fail befre being removed from rotation. Valid range between 2 and 10 Yes
healthyThreshold integer Number of times unhealthy servers must pass healthcheck before being readded to rotation. Valid range is between 2 and 10 Yes
intervalSeconds integer Seconds to wait between healthchecks. Valid range is between 5 and 300 Yes
targetPort integer Port of the healthcheck on the server Yes
mode string Mode over which to send healthcheck. Options are TCP, SSL, HTTP. Defaults to TCP No
httpHealthCheckMethod string HttpMethod to use when querying healthcheck. Only valid when mode is set to HTTP No
httpHealthCheckUrl string Url location of healthcheck. Only valid when mode is set to HTTP No



    "id": "a4ad7c71-1575-400e-8eb2-cef74ed557ad",
    "port": 443,
    "loadBalancingMethod": "roundrobin",
    "persistence": "none",
    "idleTimeout": 180000,
    "loadBalancingMode": "tcp",
    "nodes": [
            "ipAddress": "",
            "privatePort": 8443,
            "status": "enabled",
            "healthCheck": null,
            "serverWeight": null
            "ipAddress": "",
            "privatePort": 8443,
            "status": "enabled",
            "healthCheck": null,
            "serverWeight": null
    "forceHttps": true,
    "healthCheck": {
        "unhealthyThreshold": 5,
        "healthyThreshold": 2,
        "intervalSeconds": 60,
        "targetPort": 122,
        "mode": "TCP",
        "httpHealthCheckMethod": null,
        "httpHealthCheckUrl": null


The response will be an entity representing the request to update the pool. Request status can be tracked from the Get LBaaS Request.

Entity Definition

Name Type Description
id string ID of the Pool update request
status string Initially the response will show a status for the request of "ACTIVE". A status of "COMPLETE" will show in the Response of a function when the load balancer has been updated with the new configuration.
description string Describes the activity running within the Pool update process
requestDate string Date-time stamp of the request
completionDate string Date-time stamp of pool update. Null value returned until process has completed
links array Collection of entity links that point to resources related to this LBaaS Group



    "id": "d685c028-5852-4b6f-8511-a407147db0e4",
    "status": "ACTIVE",  
    "description": "Update Pool to Load Balancer 329a98e6-977a-4c25-a7c8-174209fe1d31",  
    "requestDate": 1450383770701,  
    "completionDate": null,  
    "links": [  
            "rel": "loadbalancer",  
            "href": "",  
            "resourceId": "329a98e6-977a-4c25-a7c8-174209fe1d31"  
            "red": "pool",
            "href": "",
            "resourceId": "a4ad7c71-1575-400e-8eb2-cef74ed557ad"