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{{{ "title": "Data Center Links", "date": "03-27-2015", "author": "Bryan Friedman", "attachments": [], "sticky": "true" }}}


The following link definitions are related to the data center resource. They may be returned when making a call to [Get Data Center List](../Data Centers/ or other data center-related resources.

Data Center Link Definitions

Relation (rel) Description Verbs
availableOvfs Retrieve the list of available servers that can be imported. These are OVFs that have been uploaded to the FTP server. GET
computeLimits Retrieve or modify the limits for CPU, memory, storage allowed in the data center for the account. GET / POST
deploymentCapabilities Retrieve the list of capabilities that a specific data center supports, including the deployable networks and OS templates. [GET](../Data Centers/
loadBalancers Retrieve the list of shared load balancers in the data center for the account. [GET](../Shared Load Balancers/ / [POST](../Shared Load Balancers/
networkLimits Retrieve the limits for number of networks allowed in the data center for the account. GET