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{{{ "title": "Start Maintenance Mode", "date": "11-21-2014", "author": "Bryan Friedman", "attachments": [] }}}

Sends a the start maintenance mode operation to a list of servers and adds operation to queue. Calls to this operation must include a token acquired from the authentication endpoint. See the Login API for information on acquiring this token.

When to Use It

Use this API operation when you want to explicitly start maintenance mode on multiple servers.







URI Parameters

Name Type Description Req.
AccountAlias string Short code for a particular account Yes

Content Properties

Name Type Description Req.
serverIds array List of server IDs to start maintenance mode on. Yes

Request Example




The response will be an array containing one entity for each server that the operation was performed on.

Entity Definition

Name Type Description
server string ID of the server that the operation was performed on.
isQueued boolean Boolean indicating whether the operation was successfully added to the queue.
links array Collection of [entity links](../Getting Started/ that point to resources related to this server operation.
errorMessage string If something goes wrong or the request is not queued, this is the message that contains the details about what happened.



    "errorMessage":"The operation cannot be queued because the server cannot be found or it is not in a valid state."
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