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{{{ "title": "New DCC UI Release Notes: Beta 3", "date": "01-25-2017", "author": "Scott Campbell", "attachments": [], "contentIsHTML": false }}}


  • This beta release has primarily focused on security, validation and resiliency activity to improve the overall user experience.

New Features

  • Added ability to Delete Server.


  • Server > Utilization. Server Utilization metrics (where available) can be accessed via the Server pages.
  • Added default Order Name for Add Server and Add Storage.
  • Added total cost display for multiple products in an order.
  • Create Server. Expanded the supported DCC Operating System catalog to include Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 Enterprise 64-Bit.

Known Issues

  • Delete Server
    • Access to the Server > Overview page after making a Delete Server request for the server is not fully prevented and can result in an error.
    • Making a duplicate Delete Server request will result in an error (resolved beta 4).
    • The server list pane shown on the left side of the Infrastructure pages will continue to list a server after it has been deleted.
  • Server > Utilization. Data collection within the last 24 hours is unreliable and may cause missing or partial data to be displayed on the Server Overview page.

Bug Fixes and General Updates

  • Resolved: Utilization graphs may show unexpected results if there are missing data points.
  • Resolved: Create Server. Only Clusters that use Utility Storage will be listed. Unified Storage is not yet supported.
  • Resolved: Saved Orders. Deleting a product in a saved order is not yet supported.
  • Resolved: Saved Orders. Deleting a saved order is not yet supported.
  • Resolved: Edit Server. Increasing a Server vRAM configuration to a value higher than the available storage in the data store may result in it being unable to start.
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