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name: Django with Postgres
description: This template combines postgres with an django (nginx+uwsgi) app and supports live editing.
keywords: django, postgres
type: Django
documentation: |-
Django with PostgreSQL and live editing
## Requirements
512MB RAM recommended.
## Setup
This image supports mounting an arbitrary Django app to `/opt/django/app` inside the image (bound to `/home/core/django` on the panamax host) and attempting to run it as a postgres-backed app. To do this, you'll need to mount `/home/core/django` on your local machine. For example, in the `Vagrantfile` in `/home/.vagrant.d/boxes`, just after the `config.vm.synced_folder` line:
``` "private_network", ip: ""
config.vm.synced_folder "/run/django", "/home/core/django",
id: "django", :nfs => true, :mount_options => ['nolock,vers=3,udp']
Then you can copy your app to /run/django on your local host, rebuild the template, and if all goes well, this template will create a database, install dependencies, run migrations, and start up your app. You should create an environment variable called `MODULE` which contains the subfolder of /run/django where `` is present, and if you need to create an admin user in the newly-created postgres db for your app, you should create a file `/run/django/` that contains something like this:
echo "from django.contrib.auth.models import User; User.objects.create_superuser('admin', '', 'pass')" | ./ shell
## Port Forwarding
To view the GUI after launching the template, map your local host machine to port _8123_. If using Virtual Box, use the following command in your terminal to create the port forwarding rule:
`VBoxManage controlvm panamax-vm natpf1 rule1,tcp,,8123,,8123`
Where, rule1 is the friendly name of the rule, tcp is the protocol. Replace port _8123_ with the local free port of your choice.
After you run this command locally, browse to **http://localhost:8123** to see the GUI, as per the example.
## DB access
If you want to make database changes while live coding, you can port forward port 5123 to your local machine:
`VBoxManage controlvm panamax-vm natpf1 rule2,tcp,,5123,,5123`
and then run `psql --host localhost --port 5123 --user docker`.
## Default passwords
The DB has default username `docker` and password `docker`. The admin user example above creates an admin account with default username `admin` and default password `pass`.
- name: rheinwein_pmx-pgsql_latest
source: rheinwein/pmx-pgsql:latest
category: DB Tier
type: Default
- '5123'
- host_port: '5123'
container_port: '5432'
proto: TCP
- name: cjbprime_ubuntu-django-uwsgi-nginx-live
source: cjbprime/ubuntu-django-uwsgi-nginx-live:latest
category: Web Tier
type: Default
- host_port: '8123'
container_port: '80'
proto: TCP
- service: rheinwein_pmx-pgsql_latest
alias: db1
- host_path: "/home/core/django"
container_path: "/opt/django/app"
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