How To: Make a Template

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Installing Panamax Video

You can easily turn any application you have in Panamax into a reusable template.

There is a Save as Template button in two places, first in the application details screen for a specific application you have.

Application Details

Also next to the Application name in the Manage my Applications page.

Manage Applications

NOTE: Panamax will let you create a template from any application even one that is not working regardless of the reason. So you shouldn't save a template until you have configured and tested everything is working locally.

If you have never saved a template before, on clicking the Save as Template button, you will be asked to enter a new Github token. This is to allow Panamax to write the template definition file to a repo of your choosing.

GitHub Token

After entering a valid token you will see the Template configuration page:

Template Configuration

You can choose the repository from the drop down list from your account (if you don't have one or need to create one click on the create new repo link and then return).

Template Config

If you created a template from an application that had previous documentation a copy of it will be pre-loaded. Make sure to make the appropriate changes.

Template Docs

Finally, after saving you should see a (name).pmx file in your github repo and if you search in panamax you should find your new template:

Two Templates

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