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Andrew Appel edited this page Nov 17, 2023 · 7 revisions

Welcome to the CertiCoq wiki. The Wiki provides documentation for the CertiCoq compiler.


  1. The CertiCoq Plugin
    Useful information about the usage of the CertiCoq plugin.
  2. The bootstrapped CertiCoqC and CertiCoqChk Plugins
    Useful information about the bootstrapped plugins.
  3. The CertiCoq Pipeline
    Information about the CertiCoq pipeline and its current verification status.
  4. Glue Code and FFI
    Information about interfacing with the generated C code.
  5. Memory Model and Garbage Collection
    Lightweight description of CertiCoq's memory representation and runtime.
  6. When C code allocates on the Coq heap
    How to write C functions that interface with Coq functions