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Cesium Concierge

Hello! I'm Cesium Concierge, a GitHub bot for Cesium. I automate common GitHub tasks such as welcoming first time contributors and reminding you to write tests. (I'm great fun at parties!)

You'll find repository-specific settings in each repository I watch under a .concierge directory. For example, here's CesiumJS's concierge settings:


Clone this repository:

$ git clone

Install the dependencies:

$ cd cesium-concierge && npm install

And run:

$ npm start


cesium-concierge requires a few configuration settings before working. These are loaded, in the following order of priority, from:

  • The repository's .concierge/config.json file.
  • Environment variables.
  • Built-in defaults.

The table below describes all the possible configuration variables, as well as their default values if any.

Name Type Description Required? Default
secret string Repository secret to verify incoming WebHook requests from GitHub
repositories:{full_name} object Settings specific to the repository {full_name}.
repositories:{full_name}:gitHubToken string Token used to verify outgoing requests to GitHub repository
repositories:{full_name}:thirdPartyFolders string Comma-separated list of folders in which to look for changed files in pull request to remind user to update License. X []
repositories:{full_name}:contributorsPath string Relative path from the root of the repository to the file. X Disabled if not set.
repositories:{full_name}:maxDaysSinceUpdate number "Bump" pull requests older than this number of days ago. X 30
repositories:{full_name}:unitTestPath string Relative path to the directory containing unit tests. Example:Specs/ X Disabled if not set.
googleApiConfig string Google API config for reading the list of CLA signers from Google Sheets. See CLA checking for full instructions. X Disabled if not set.
individualClaSheetID string The ID of the Google Sheets storing the signed CLA information for individual contributors. See CLA checking for full instructions. X Disabled if not set.
corporateClaSheetID string The ID of the Google Sheets storing the signed CLA information for corporate contributors. See CLA checking for full instructions. X Disabled if not set.
port number Port on which to listen to incoming requests. X 5000
listenPath string Path on which to listen for incoming requests. X "/"
slackToken string Slack API token for posting release reminders and fun stats to the Slack team. X Disabled if not set.
slackConfigUrl string The GitHub API URL to a YAML file containing the release schedule and other SlackBot config. X ""

Note: full_name is the repository name in the form {organization}/{repository}. For example: AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium

secret and repositories:{full_name}:gitHubToken are the important settings; they verify that the communication between your server and GitHub is safe.

Setting secret

Enable a GitHub WebHook on a repository, making sure to create a secret. The secret verifies that all incoming requests to your server are from GitHub and not something else.

Setting gitHubToken

Next, get a Personal Access Token, which verifies with GitHub that all requests to its API come from an account with privileges. Set it locally by using any of the three ways listed above.

Setting slackToken

See "installing a bot" on Slack's Enabling interactions with bots guide.

CLA Checking

Concierge can automate the CLA (contribute license agreement) process. Here's how it works:

  • New contributor electronically signs agreement using a Google form.
  • This form automatically outputs to a Google spreadsheet.
  • Concierge checks this spreadsheet on every new pull request to see if that contributor's GitHub username is in the sheet.

Assuming you already have a Google form setup, all you need to do is configure:

  • individualClaSheetID - this is the spreadsheet ID for form responses for the individual CLA agreement. Concierge expects column D to be the GitHub username.
    • You can find the spreadsheet ID from the URL, which is in the form of<id>/edit.
  • corporateClaSheetID - same as above, but for the corporate CLA agreement. Concierge expects column H to be the Schedule A response, which is a list of names of employees along with their GitHub usernames. This is loosely formatted, so Concierge checks if the new PR author's username is a substring of that column.
  • googleApiConfig - this is the JSON content of the credentials file from the Google service account, see Google's authentication guide for getting this configuration.
    • When you set up a new Service account, you'll be able to download the key, which includes a project id, a private key, and some other metadata. The contents of this file can be supplied as the value of this environment variable.
    • Note that you must also allow this Service account to have view access to the two spreadsheets above. You can do this by inviting the Service account email to have access to the Google spreadsheet (you can find this email from the Google Cloud Platform console, which should look something like


I automate common GitHub tasks





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