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* Holds material information that can be used for lighting. Returned by all czm_getMaterial functions.
* @name czm_material
* @glslStruct
* @property {vec3} diffuse Incoming light that scatters evenly in all directions.
* @property {float} specular Intensity of incoming light reflecting in a single direction.
* @property {float} shininess The sharpness of the specular reflection. Higher values create a smaller, more focused specular highlight.
* @property {vec3} normal Surface's normal in eye coordinates. It is used for effects such as normal mapping. The default is the surface's unmodified normal.
* @property {vec3} emission Light emitted by the material equally in all directions. The default is vec3(0.0), which emits no light.
* @property {float} alpha Opacity of this material. 0.0 is completely transparent; 1.0 is completely opaque.
struct czm_material
vec3 diffuse;
float specular;
float shininess;
vec3 normal;
vec3 emission;
float alpha;
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