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CSAS SDK Demo for iOS

This repository contains demo application demonstrating the usage of iOS SDKs by Ceska Sporitelna a.s.

SDKs being showcased

  • CoreSDK - Configuration of CoreSDK
  • CoreSDK/Locker - Configuration of Locker & Event handling
  • LockerUI - LockerUI configuration and sample flow
  • Uniforms - Uniforms configuration and sample flow
  • Netbanking - Easy and safe access to client acconts, products and transaction history
  • TranspaprenAcc - Transparent accounts configuraton and sample flow
  • AppMenu - AppMenu - listing applications of Česká spořitelna a.s, checking for version of app
  • Places - Places - list places of Česká spořitelna a.s.



  • iOS 8.1+
  • Xcode 8.3+


  1. Install latest version of Carthage and make sure you have recent version of git.

  2. Clone this repository using command git clone

  3. Enter into cloned directory using command cd csas-sdk-demo-ios/CSSDKDemo. For Objective-C demo of Locker, open project cd csas-sdk-demo-ios/CSSDKDemo-ObjC.

  4. Run command carthage bootstrap --platform iOS to download and set up dependencies and build schemes. This may take a minute or two and patience is the key to get everything working.


Running CSAS SDK Demo

To see how the demo application works, just open the project CSSDKDemo.xcodeproj in Xcode.

Implementation of the application is in group CSSDKDemo. Pay special attention to AppDelegate.swift and MainViewController.swift to see how the frameworks are configured and used.

To run the app in Simulator or on your hardware, simply run the scheme CSSDKDemoApp.

Developing against CSAS SDK

All CSAS SDKs are included in this repositories as submodules, you can thus use this demo project to test your implementation of bugfixes and new features. Please use scheme DevCoreSDKTestApp for developement. This scheme re-builds all CSAS SDKs before running the application.


Contributions are more than welcome!

Please read our contribution guide to learn how to contribute to this project.

Terms and License

Please read our terms & conditions in license