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HEAR Technical Specification

##Introduction The HEAR Technical Specification is a derivative of “HEAR Technical Specification 1.0c" by the University of Bolton, used under CC BY, hosted and maintained on GitHub by Cetis LLP. Other specification repositories hosted by Cetis include xcri and Leap2A.

##Where to start The index page is the best place to start. If you would rather read a html version of this repository you can access one at, this is generated by the gh-pages branch of this repository and may not be as up to date as the main branch.

##Getting Involved The simplest way of contributing to this standard is as follows add an issue to the issue tracker.

  • The master branch is the current version of the standard
  • To make a small or cosmetic edit to master branch, save it to your own branch or repository and make a pull request. You can fork the whole repository and work in your own repository. You are welcome to use the issue tracker to report what you are working on. Create a pull request when done
  • Any new versions of the specification will be developed in version branches
  • Edits to development branches are done in the same manner, fork the repository, work on the required branch, create an issue and make a pull request when done.
  • When a version branch is complete it will be merged in to the master branch.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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