Philadelphia City Council Legislative Information
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Philly City Council Legislative Subscription Service.

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Getting Started

To work on your own instance of Councilmatic, you should first get Python installed. Follow the instructions for doing so on your platform. Next, install Django (we recommend working in a virtual environment, but it's not strictly necessary).

$ pip install Django

Now check out the project code.

$ git clone git://

Set up the project database and populate it with city council data (when the syncdb command prompts you to create an administrative user, go ahead and do so). There is a lot of data to be loaded, so downloading it all may take a while. If you're familiar with this routine, you can skip that step.

$ cd philly_legislative
$ python syncdb
$ python loadlegfiles

Finally, to run the server:

$ python runserver

Now, check that everything is working by browsing to http://localhost:8000/. Now browse to http://localhost:8000/admin and enter the admin username and password you supplied and you should have access to all of the legislative files!

Usage Examples

import likeminded

api = likeminded.Api(key='yourapikey')

# Search resources and projects
results ='search term')

# Iterate through search results
for reference in results:
    print reference


Copyright (c) 2010 Code for America Laboratories See LICENSE for details.