ASP.NET Membership, Role and Profile providers for SQLite.
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ASP.NET Membership, Role and Profile providers for SQLite.

This is a re-packaging of the SQLite application services providers by Roger Martin. The original source and accompanying information can be found at


To build a signed, release version of System.ApplicationServices.SQLite.dll, you need to generate a signing key and place it in the Source directory:

sn -k Source\System.ApplicationServices.SQLite.snk

Next, run the build script with MSBuild:

MSBuild Build.proj

The output will appear in the Build directory, under the repository root. To check that your assembly was successfully signed, run the following command under the Build directory:

sn -Tp Build\System.ApplicationServices.SQLite.dll

If a public key is reported, the assembly was successfully signed.


  1. Install System.Data.SQLite.dll on your machine, or bin-deploy the appropriate platform/framework version in your application.
  2. Add a reference to System.ApplicationServices.SQLite.dll in your application.
  3. Configure the relevant providers and connection strings. See the original CodeProject article for detailed information.


Licensed under the CPOL license. See LICENSE.txt.

Copyright (c) 2008, Roger Martin.