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Camelot Expansion Pack for Game Dev Tycoon


Last Update: 21-DEC-2013


Expansion pack to bring lots of new functionality to the game.

I most likely will not be adding topics, platforms, etc (unless required by a module of the pack) There are many great mods that do this already, considering using @DzjengisKhan expansion pack along side Camelot for a brand new experience.

I am very open to ideas, suggestions, requests. I have never programmed in javascript before I have just been reading through the code learning by trial and error. So if you have improvement suggestions on the code I am happy to listen 😄

It is a work in progress so I have currently only added some initial ideas. The code is also pretty messy at the moment.

Currently Working On: Grid

Known Issues:

  • None

Added Features:

  • Staff Training - When making a game staff have the chance to improve one of their skills.
  • Specialism - Added "Advanced Option" at character creation you can specialise in Design or Tech or you can increase the default skills slightly right off the bat.

- **Extended Game** - Added some game length options for very long game play. 60 and 84 years.

- **Debugging Research

** - You can now research new methods of debugging for faster debugging speeds. *Two staff research options and a one lab research are currently available to unlock.* - **Number Formatting ** - Numbers are now remformatted to include, Billion, Trillion and Quadrillion.


Added Events:

  • Steal - A staff member may steal some of your money. (Low chance)
  • Bail Out - A staff member may get arrested.
  • Better Offer - A staff member may get a better offer from another company when doing contracts.
  • Lottery - Very low chance of winning the lottery.

It's very much untested in the long run currently so I would appreciate some testers/feedback. Not 100% sure how it will react to old saves as I don't currently have any, but it should integrate well and work with other mods. ers** - Your guys can train to be team leaders and get that much needed help in their field when it comes to AAA games


Thanks to @PatrickKlug for helping me with the notification system. Thanks to @psycojustin, @iMoveQuick, @azertyman, and @VitorD for ideas and input. Thanks to @kristof1104 for his CheatMod which has come in very handy when debugging.