A multiplayer word game using a main screen, client mobile devices, node.js and socket.io
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A game using a main screen, client mobile devices, node.js and socket.io

** it works! Try it at http://wordplay-node.heroku.com/

Basic idea:

  • Node.js server using express and socket.io
  • A large screen display opens index.html which creates a game, and shows game state on the large display
  • Clients can scan the qr code on the large display to join the game
  • Clients play the game on their mobile devices, which sends data to the socket.io server, and in turn updates the large display

The game here is a basic word game where you use the letters on the display to form words and get points for you / your team. It includes a basic english dictionary check to make sure people don't enter jibberish.

Implemented ideas:

  • scrabble-like scoring system
  • timed games (1 or 2 minutes) with a countdown on the main display
  • smarter logic when adding new letters to replace used ones
    • ensure a decent number of vowels
    • ensure each Q has a matching U
    • prevent lots of hard letters
    • prevent lots of duplicate letters
  • host in heroku
  • ask client for name when they connect
    • remember client devices to maintain player profile, avoid having to enter name every time
  • client disconnect logic
    • on client disconnect, remove from main screen
  • change submission logic to a "time-slice" system
    • clients can submit whatever they want, but the server evaluates all guesses after X seconds - the highest scoring submission gets the points for that timeslice. this prevents lots of players making the game more or less unplayable because of stolen letters
  • moved code to several files:
    • server2.js - kicks off the express and socket.io servers, binds wordplay-router
    • wordplay-router.js - logic for initial connections
    • wordplay-game.js - all the server-side game logic, handles game and client events
    • wordplay-client.js - server-side client logic, handles guess submissions
    • wordplay-mirror.js - client for game hosts, doesn't do anything (yet)
  • replace letters in place instead of appending to end
  • add letters to client screen, let player use letters instead of the keyboard (thanks @beardedinventor !)
  • made client look pretty (thanks @nvlesparker !)
  • more information on client
    • "how to play" text
    • letters available (so you don't have to switch back and forth between screen and device)
    • player state (score, last word scored, etc)
    • word state (if you did score, or if you failed, why - someone stole letters, not english, no letters in game)
  • end game logic and restart next round
  • notifications on successful words
    • show most recent scoring word


  • refactor client code and html
  • main screen disconnect logic
    • on main screen disconnect, inform all clients
  • ADS! Show 30 second video on main display while waiting for next round, banner image on client devices
  • notifications on successful words
    • on both main screen and client
  • streak/bonus points
    • points for using letters that have been there for awhile
  • show game slice counter
  • make main screen look pretty
  • leaderboard
  • multiple displays per game (right now each display starts a new gamestate)
  • cool stats
    • word count per player
    • # of failures per player (and type, i.e. not english, no letter, etc.)
    • speed of players
    • reused words
    • highest scoring word
  • show stats on client device as well as main screen