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BattleDotNet .NET Wrapper

The goal of this Battle.NET wrapper is to give .NET developers and modern API to interact with the Battle.NET API. We try to abstract some of the oddities and mundane code out so you don't have to.

There is a dynamic API along with a staticly-typed one. The reason for this is chances are the Battle.NET API will be ever-evolving during it's life. Using the dynamic version gives a little more flexibility at the cost of losing intellisense and strongly-typed objects.

Feature Support

  • Multiple Regions
  • Authentication / API Key
  • Auto HTTPS when authentication is used
  • Internal time syncing with Blizzard's servers to ensure authentication always works
  • .NET Client Profile assemblies -- If you use this library in a desktop application the user doesn't have to have the full .NET runtime installed

Data Support

  • Character Profiles
  • Guild Profiles
  • Auctions
  • Realm Status
  • Items
  • Arena Teams
  • Character Races
  • Character Classes
  • Guild Rewards
  • Guild Perks


  • Better handling of API errors
  • Request tracking (throttling support)
  • Async support
  • Faster JSON parsing
  • HTTP caching
  • Data caching
  • Web project (creating tooltips, etc)
  • ETL Helpers

Getting Started


Get realm statuses using strongly-typed methods

WoWClient client = new WoWClient();
IEnumerable<RealmStatus> result = client.GetRealmStatuses();

Get realm statuses using dynamic wrapper

DynamicClient client = new DynamicClient("wow");
IEnumerable<dynamic> result = client.Get("realm/status").realms;

Get character info using dynamic wrapper

DynamicClient client = new DynamicClient("wow");
int achievementPoints = client.Get("character/shattered-hand/xtek").achievementPoints;

Use Blizzard API authentication

WoWClient client = new WoWClient(publicKey: "X", privateKey: "Y");


  • .NET 4.0 Client Profile



Q: Why another wrapper?
A: Why not?

Q: Why the requirement for .NET 4?
A: I wanted to provide a more modern API with support for dynamics

Q: Will .NET 3.5 or lower be supported?
A: If there's enough demand for it I will probably make a 3.5 build

Q: Will other platforms be supported like Silverlight, WP7, etc?
A: If there is enough demand, yes


.NET Battle.NET API wrapper




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