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A Waybar module for display cryptocurrency market information from CoinMarketCap.
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A waybar plugin for displaying cryptocurrency market information.



  1. Clone this repo and copy the contents of the crypto folder
git clone
cd waybar-crypto

cp -R crypto ~/.config/waybar/modules
# OR symlink (so you can handle updating via this repo)
cp -Rs crypto ~/.config/waybar/modules

cp cryptocoins.ttf /usr/share/fonts/TTF # Or some font path of your choice
  1. Then in your waybar config (e.g. ~/.config/waybar/config)
"custom/crypto": {
    "format": "{}",
    "interval": 600,
    "return-type": "json",
    "exec": "~/.config/waybar/modules/",
    "exec-if": "ping -c1"


The information displayed can be customised by editing the crypto.ini configuration file. (e.g. ~/.config/waybar/modules/crypto/crypto.ini if you followed the instructions above)

currency = eur
currency_symbol = €
display = price,change24h,change7d
api_key = some_coinmarketcap_key

icon = 

icon = 
  • currency: Any valid currency code should be accepted

  • currency_symbol: A corresponding symbol of the currency you wish to display

  • display: A list of metrics you wish to display for each crypto currency. No spaces.

    Valid options are:

    • price: Displays the current price.
    • change1h: Displays the price change over the past hour.
    • change24h: Displays the price change over the past 24 hours.
    • change7d: Displays the price change over the past week.
    • volume24h: Displays the volume in your chosen currency, over the past 24 hours.
  • api_key: CoinmarketCap API key obtained from their new api (The public API is discontinuing :'()

Adding cryptocurrencies:

For each cryptocurrency you wish to display, add a section as shown in the example above, where the section name is the short cryptocurrency name.

Valid options:

  • icon: A character symbol to display next to this cryptocurrency's metrics.
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