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McDebian is a complete Debian operating system for newer model Linksys WRT routers. A USB Drive\Key is required for the Debian root file system (rootfs).


To provide an advanced, powerful and customizable Linux router system that has:

  1. A very large user base
  2. A massive amount of example code
  3. A standardized Linux network configuration
  4. High software and software package quality standards
  5. A massive software package repository

Design Team

  1. Chad McCue
  2. Francis Pereira
  3. @jbsky (GitHub User)
  4. @ValCher (Linksys Forum User)

McDebian is compatible with the below Linksys WRT models:

  1. WRT1900AC V1
  2. WRT1900AC V2
  3. WRT1200AC V1
  4. WRT1200AC V2
  5. WRT1900ACS V1
  6. WRT1900ACS V2
  7. WRT3200ACM V1

Please email me if you would like to be part of the development team or would like Contributor access to this GitHub.

How I made McDebian

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