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Flashing Firmware using a USB to TTL Cable

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  1. A working "USB to TTL" connection to the WRT1900AC
  2. A working serial interface like Putty or Tera Term
  3. A TFTP Server running on a client workstation connected to the WRT1900AC LAN port
  4. The TFTP Server client workstation Local Area Connection configured with IP Address
  5. The firmware to load is in the TFTP Server ready for download.

Linksys WRT1900AC Serial Port

An excellent free TFTP Server



  1. Boot WRT1900AC
  2. At the 3 second interrupt boot delay press space bar or any key

U-Boot Commands:

  1. setenv firmware_name openwrt-armadaxp--jffs2-128k.img
  2. setenv ipaddr
  3. setenv netmask
  4. setenv serverip
  5. run flash_pri_image


If you want be 100% sure you are running a firmware image. Then you can flash the firmware to both the primary and secondary image locations by substituting "run flash_pri_image" with "run update_both_images".

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