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An app to help you find and meet up with your buddies at conferences.

Have you ever gone to a conference, met someone really cool who lives halfway around the world, and then promptly fell out of touch as soon as the conference was over? A year later, you don't remember their name, but you remember that you met someone really cool at this conference last time you went. ConfBuddies help you manage those relationships! Friend someone while you're at the conference, and when you go to future conferences, find out who else is going!

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Tech Stack

Tech Version Use
Ruby on Rails 7.0.x A web application framework built using Ruby that manages interfacing with the database, and responding to web requests
Postgres 13 Database for storing events, users, and all other data
Bulma 0.9.3 A CSS framework for building web applications (we use Cyborg)


Check out the Contributing Guide! We expect all contributors and maintainers to abide by the Contributor Covenant.