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The purpose of eth-local is to offer a standardized way to store your keystore files on your local machine. While also allowing you to use them in browser.
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NOTE: This project is still in development, not all components are functional.

The purpose of eth-local is to offer a standardized way to store your keystore files on your local machine.

The core functionality of this application is the ability of the cli to safely transmit pre-signed tx to a website without the need of having Metamask installed on the browser. The cli runs a simple HTTP server which allows the npm module to connect to it.

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./cli is the CLI as well as an express server that can be run optionally.

./web is a create-react-app and will serve as testing ground for the npm module that will interact with the express server in the CLI.

./client is intended to be a daemon (currently just a node app) that initiates an electron app to prompt the user for their password.


  1. Start the cli by running cd cli && npm i && node app.js. You will prompted with all availible options. In necessary initiate keystore and create a key pair.

  2. Start the dev web app server by running cd web && npm i && npm start.

  3. Following the instructions in the dev web app will initiate the elctron prompt.


  • Generate a wallet
  • Encrypt a wallet
  • Mnemonic support
  • Proof of HTTP connection from client <-> cli made
  • Get balance
  • Transfer eth
  • Electron prompt
  • Transaction signing



  • Uses the spawn() library to launch electron prompt (see cli/utils/spawn.js)
  • stdin/out are supposed to provide data to and from the electron prompt (WIP)


  • /ui is the UI for the electron app, standard create-react-app
  • /app is the deployable part, which includes a production build of ui/ (TODO: Setup linkage or change structure so we don't have to copy build from ui/.
  • app/main.js is the electron app. This is where you can configure it.
  • Launching the electron app on its own may be troublesome, you must run it with electron (eg. electron main.js)


  • This is just a front end for testing purposes

Interested in lending a hand? Reach out to david at chainsafe dot io:)

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