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🕸️ Gossamer: The Golang Polkadot Runtime Environment Implementation (WIP)
Branch: development
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dutterbutter and noot PeerCount method + PublicRPCService (#112)
* peer count rpc method in place

* wip: continued working with serviceP2P implementation for RPC

* wip: peerCount needs work, service method is being registered with codec, method still needs work

* Basic service map implementation and tests

* Continues tests for service map

* Continued tests

* peerCount rpc all in place

* cannot test p2p PeerCount without creating simulated backend

* improved test coverage for serviceMap

* peercount test on p2p package in place

* linted and removed old

* p2p/ PeerCount test implemented but no coverage for PublicRPC service methods until p2p sim is complete

* cleaned up

* exported Bootstrap

* added header

* added type comments

* updated service name to reflect p2p
Latest commit 7d0dd20 May 21, 2019


Golang Polkadot Runtime Environment Implementation

GoDoc Go Report Card Build Passing Maintainability Test Coverage License: GPL v3 standard-readme compliant


go get -u


go test -v ./...



GNU General Public License v3.0

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